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18 Feb 2016

Learning about Google My Business

Many Businesses are not too familiar with the “Google My Business” interface. Here are some  YouTube Videos that may be of interest. Google My business Overview Learn the Basics of “Google My Business” How to get reviews:        

27 Jan 2016

How to get rid annoying or poor photos posted on your Google Business Listing

Any user can upload a photo to a Businesses’ Google + Page. This will then show up in the photo bar that is displayed below the tour. Many of these photos are of poor quality and don’t reflect the brand you are trying hard to improve. Here is how to get rid of them: Click on the “photos” window you see in the businesses’ Google Business Listing. Click on the offending photo, then click “report a problem” down in the […]

19 Nov 2015

New Changes at Google|Trusted simplify tours

Recent changes at Google allow the uploading of single Photospheres(panos). Why is this important? Previously, trusted photographers were required to connect all area in the tour. If you have a very large property that meant that sometime long passages without much content were required. Now, single photospheres are shown in the photos filmstrip seen on the bottom of the browser winder when you are viewing a “see inside” tour. Here is an example:(Single photospheres are shown with a circle icon […]

10 Nov 2015
02 Oct 2015