What’s a “Trusted Photographer?”

Trusted Photographers have applied to Google and been vetted for their professional skills. They have to purchase specialized and very expensive equipment beyond what a typical photographer would have have to perform panoramic photography.

Trusted Photographers Meet Stringent Google Standards

After a passing a written test with a 90% or better score, they are admitted into the program and then have to study a large amount of material and then pass a series of test shoots to demonstrate the high level of skills required by the Google Business View program. They work closely with a Google coordinator to master the complex software and workflow needed to produce the panoramic and "Point of Interest " photos required by each package. Considerable time must be spent to learn the specialized software used to assemble each tour.

Providing Effective Marketing Tools for Customers

Trusted photographers must develop their own sales network and use appropriate and respectful techniques to reach out to prospective clients, perform the photo sessions and follow up with customers to make sure that they have met the the customers' needs.

Trusted Photographers will work closely with the customers to help them manage Google listings, providing education resources and suggestions on improving their listings.