Businesses- Don’t let Social media contractors hijack your Google Business Page!

I help my customers with Google Business Page Issues!

May Businesses hire a social media firm, or an employee and gave them access to their Google Business Page. When the relationship goes bad, they find they can’t access their page because the firm has changed the permissions and owners.  Business owners give out the ownership login to the firm or employee, and when they leave, passwords and logins leave with them and it can be a real pain to get access back.

Here are a few tips:

  1. There are several levels of permission, and the most important one is “Owner”.  Never allow this to be changed or transferred. Keep track of your login information.
  2. The next level is “Manager” . They have power to add or remove business locations and edit content.
  3. The next level is “Communications Manager”.  This level is good for almost any activity needed for social media. The owner has full power to delete this user. This should be the default choice when a social media firm or employee is managing the page

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