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07 Oct 2017

My photo posts do really make a difference!

I just received notice that a photo I tool for The Rayback Collective in Boulder just reached 30,000 views for a photo of the bar. The photo was nothing really special, although I did use HDR photography to make it pop. The amount of views show that people really look at Google photos of the business and you can track that!           This week I have 63,600 views of my photos Total Photos published   3,138 with […]

24 Aug 2017

Google reveals Google Tours get a boost in ranking

At the GYBO (Get Your Business Online)Seminar in Colorado Springs, CO on August 9th. Gybo team members confirmed that businesses with Google Street View|Trusted 360 interactive tours get  a boost in organic search results. As a Google Trusted Photographer, I had long suspected this after seeing  the results on the Google business page. I have seen more hits, more calls, more reviews, and more visits to the website are the result of the businesses work on their page. Why? A business […]

08 Mar 2017

About Google Business Listings

This is the link to slides:   BNI Presentation

04 Mar 2017

Introduction to Google My Business

Presentation on Google My Business    

01 Mar 2017

Why it is so valuable to post on your google page

I was meeting a person at a Dunkin Donuts shop in Colorado Springs and I was trying to explain to her how important photos are for a Business’s  Google page. To show how easy Google has made it to publish a photo to a business listing, I pulled out my smartphone and took a simple photo from where we were sitting. Certainly nothing fancy! This little photo got over 3,000 views in 3 weeks! Keep posting content on your page!