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09 Feb 2017

Great Resource for learning about Google My Business

Google Small Business Community Page This is a great page to learn about making the most of your Google presence. Lots of good information here!

09 Feb 2017

How do I get my Google Business PAge to rank higher in Searches

Everyone is always wondering about how to get their Google Business Listing ranked higher on Google. This well written article goes into the three things that Google uses to determine ranking:Relevance, Distance, and Prominence.   The takeaway for me is that every business should make sure that they have the correct category and subcategory for the business, and provide an accurate description of the business in the text part of the listing. Think about what keywords a prospect would choose […]

16 Dec 2016

Google My Business adds new photos insights

This is cool! We are always looking for way to see how our photos perform for viewers. Google has added a feature so businesses can see how your photos compete with photos of competitors. Google My Business adds new photos insights  

01 Dec 2016

Don’t forget to claim and complete your Google Business Listing

Google Business Listings are free, yet many businesses don’t bother to claim them and add content. I can help you with your listing and questions. Feel free to contact me. Here’s a post about Google Business Listings and small business development: http://www.albanyherald.com/news/local/uga-holds-brief-google-my-business-workshop/article_6f7bd9d9-212b-511f-97de-dff970db99f8.html

11 Nov 2016

You can make a virtual tour into a video!

Many get confused about Google Virtual Tours and think they are a video. A Google Street View | Trusted tour allows the viewer to control the experience in your space by going where they want to go. These are made up from a series of still photos stitched together by special software. Still, some might like to to get their tour made into a video. In a video, the owner can control what the visitor sees. Here is one I […]