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10 Nov 2015
02 Oct 2015
02 Oct 2015

Google Business Photos is now Street View Trusted

Google has made changes to Google My Business. The Tours are provided  Google Street View|Trusted photographers. The biggest change is that photographers no longer have to connect all the panos in a tour. It’s OK to have single panos or “islands” of panos. This is great if you have a large property or store but don’t necessarily want to show it all, You can direct the viewer to other areas of your business through the images bar on the bottom […]

18 Sep 2015

Google Street view Trusted and Mobile devices

We have all seen the Google car or at least photos of it, and you may wonder what it’s doing and why it’s important for your business. The Google Street View Program assigns mapping vehicles to drive every street in the world. There is a program to connect Street View to your business called Street View Trusted that will allow customers to “see inside” your business. Customers can transition from the street to the business and tour it with a […]

25 Aug 2015

Google Business View has evolved to “Street View Trusted”

From SearchEngineLand:Link to original article Yesterday, Google sent out an email reminder to those involved in the Google Maps Business View program of the upcoming changes. In short, Google Maps Business View will be renamed to Street View Trusted, and with that, Google will loosen up some of their policies around the program to make it “much easier,” while the “publishing requirements will be simpler.” Google said these changes will lead to “improving publishing and editing reliability.” Google also said […]